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Bike- and hike weeks

The bike- and hike weeks of Camping Meerwijck are from 29 August to 3 October 2021. Highly recommended for cycling and hiking enthusiasts to discover the beautiful surroundings of Meerwijck. The campsite is situated on the border of Groningen and Drenthe and is therefore a perfect starting point for nice routes. The routes have been composed by ourselves and will bring you along the nicest local places.

Discover the North of the Netherlands

When you book during these weeks, you get free cycling and walking routes that take you through the polders of Groningen, the forests of Drenthe and through the city of Groningen. This is a great way to discover the North, but also great fun if you've been to the North of hte Netherlands before. The routes take you along nice (also less known) places.

Would you like to take a holiday and actively discover the surroundings? Then come along and make use of the Bike- and hike weeks arrangement!

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If you would like to take advantage of the Bike- and hike package, you can book in the period from 29 August to 3 October 2021. When you check in, you will receive the routes for the Bike- and hike weeks.

The routes

We have mapped out 7 bicycle routes and 4 hiking routes that show the versatility of the beautiful surroundings. Here you can already read a foretaste of the routes that have been mapped out. When you stay the night during the weeks of walking and hiking, you will receive the rest of the information about the routes at the reception desk.

Walking route 1: Landgoed de Braak, something different, enjoy searching and wandering until you find the centre of the maze!
Walking route 2: De Fraeylemaborg, behind the Fraeylemaborg is a beautifully landscaped park where you can take a lovely walk.
Walking route 3: Schaapkooi Balloërveld, walking through the heathland with a view of the sheep grazing peacefully.
Walking route 4: Heemtuin, a landscape with diversity, where various walking routes have been laid out.

Cycle route 1: Discover the Groningen polder with windmills. This route takes you through the wet polder where you will come face to face with magnificent Scottish Highlanders. On the way you will encounter beautiful Dutch mills. A peaceful route!
Cycle route 2: Get to know the Freaylemaborg and t' Roegwold. During this route you will taste the Groningen atmosphere, the rough landscape alternated with the rich fortresses and nice places where you can taste local products.
Cycle route 3: Enjoy the province of Drenthe. Enjoy the heath with this special route through the Drentsche Aa National Park.
Cycle route 4: Grandma's rondje. This route takes you past some nice Drenthe villages where you can find a lot of cosiness.
Cycle route 5: Discover the historical fencolonies. Along this route galleries and nature alternate. A cultural and natural tour.
Cycle route 6: Get to know the bustling city of Groningen. This route goes via the Hoornse Meer to the bustling city of Groningen and then back along the water via Meerstad. A route along the pearls of the North!
Cycle route 7: From megalithic tombs to plane spotting. This route passes beautiful waterways, megalithic tombs and the Eelde airport. This route is especially for plane lovers. A varied route that is certainly worth a visit.

More information about Camping Meerwijck

Camping Meerwijck is located in a nice area with lots of things to do. Its versatility makes it the perfect holiday destination if you are looking for peace and adventure! Read more about the facilities and surroundings of Camping Meerwijck here.

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